Adieu DADA :(

If there is one man Indian cricket really needs to thank its Sourav Ganguly.Whatever maybe the criticism mounted against him he has come back and made those critics revoke their comments.He is and will always be the greatest captain ever for India.There has been lot of criticism regarding his consistency.A week back i read an article about some of his records.There was a time when sachin was equalling dada’s records.This one was about sachin equalling dada’s records of 130 or more scores in ODI’s.When it comes to ODI’s its pretty clear that DADA is “the” best.Dada also holds the most number of sixes in world cups(23).And i never need to say this.He is the GOD OF OFFSIDE play.we are going to miss the flair and unexplainable aggression of this great man.There can never ever be another replacement to Ganguly.He is always the best.He has again proved his stature with a brilliant century at mohali.DADA i will miss you damn lot.Lets hope a grand farewell is given to him.

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Is our Country safe???

This is a question thats been rambling my thoughts a bit too much in the past few weeks.Yesterday i was terrified on seeing my country being torn apart due to regionalism.Why does this actually arise when all the people are from the same country.The recent attacks on students appearing for the railway exam in Mumbai was gory and potrays a very bad image of a beautiful city.Until a few years back i was reckoning mumbai would be a global destination for everyone.If the same trend follows people will fear to set foot on our country.The concept of marathi manus actually baffles me.The man behind it is so reckless that he has even dared the government to arrest him.Where is the so called impartial law now.The governments,both at the centre and the state have never taken strong action against such forces.This is because they require them to enhance their votebank.If this is going to continue, every state will start talking about their own manus and India will be shattered by the foolish concept of regionalism.The governments should take stern action against all the people involved and signal a warning to future protesters.

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Last days at bhubaneswar

Am nearin the completion of training at bhubaneswar.Just a few months but still have beautiful memories etched in my mind.It  was all fun filled days with lot of hectic scheduling.The training was in oracle.I was kinda fascinated by oracle and i developed a interest in it.Tests were good and i cleared all of them.The workload was pretty high but still we found time to freak out and enjoy.My favourite place at bhubaneswar is MAYFAIR lagoon,a beautiful hotel.We also had frequent visits to DEEP DOWN SOUTH(a south indian restaurant).Last week was great with a visit to liquid(pub).i know its funny but its true..I DANCED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.well the truth is we all tried to shake our legs a bit.Despite all the fun and frolic i miss my home a lot:( waitin to get back and spend some time at home.

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The reality

Past few weeks made me a think a lot.I went on a few trips with my friends.The plight of the people here makes me feel like i have been in heaven all these days.There have been days when i yearned for more money and luxury.The last few days have completely changed my perception of life.People i met were those who even fight for their basic survival.Many people didnt even have their basic amenities.I dont understand where the fault could lie.The politicians could be the persons to blame.Cities,bhubaneswar and cuttack apart,the state has been completely neglected.The place where i live is so modern with all the glistening aura of a metro,but a few miles away people are still struggling to come to terms with poverty.I dont understand how the nation is said to be progressing at a rapid rate.The governments in our country should start focussing on issues such as these rather than worrying about SEZs and foreign investments.

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Trip around orissa!!!

Last week me,ravi,muthu,manoj,kali,chenni,gomathy,karthick and kishore went on a site seeing trip around orissa.This is where am being trained now.We went to puri temple and chilka lake.Initially we had planned konark too but the floods caused us to suspend our plan.Chilka was a beautiful lake.The important thing is that it is the largest salt water lake in Asia,but the most pathetic situation is the maintenance of the lake and the poor advertisement for the spot.The lake contains approx 130 dolphins(as said by the guy there..).we saw a few of them,but what surprises me is how these dolphins really survive in that place.

Our next stop was puri temple.The architecture in the temple was really good but the fact that the place is so corrupted made me feel sick.Overall the trip was all fun.Had a great time.Hoping to go on more such trips…

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